Merry x-Mas

So easy and so creative ! Just built a little christmas tree or another funny version. As a gift, to send it to a good friend or to have it to oneself !


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Mosaic Dolphin

For this pack, you need time and patience – there is no denying. But the result is stupendous! In the past, a person doing such mosaics was called “mosaicist”. Today he or she is called a formfalt fan!

Content: wooden board, about 650 mosaic tesserae (5 x 5mm), white unglazed and black glazed, powder glue, pliers, forceps, small spatulas, paper dolphin model (A6 format), instructions in the languages: D | GB | F | I | ES.

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DaDa Liquorice


Dadaism is and will remain crazy! That’s why this liquorice isn’t normal but in form of a thumb – simply DADA thumb sucking.


Content: Metall box with DaDa thumbs in smooth liquorice from the netherlands, instrucktions in the languages: D | GB.

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paint it like munch


Edvard Munch - a norwegian expressionist - painted this picture. It is called "the Cry".

With this set you colour out the folie. Then you put it in the oven and the foil shrinks - round about 60 %. It is very exciting. And after shrinking the colours of the foil are blaze nealry like the original.

Content: 1 Shrinking foil in A4, 6 Mini-Crayons, invisible thread,

Instructions in D | GB.

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